Your Surgery

Before Surgery

    • During your preoperative appointment, the surgery will be scheduled.
    • Prior to the day of surgery, your primary care physician may be asked by your surgeon to order lab work, EKG, X-rays, and a history and physical.
    • Premier Surgical Institute will make two phone calls to you: one from the business office to discuss insurance coverage and another from the pre-admission nurse to review your medical history, medications, instructions, and expected arrival time for the day of surgery.
    • To avoid cancellation of your procedure, it is essential to complete this process before your scheduled date. An anesthesiologist will review this information to adequately plan for your care.

Items to consider prior to surgery:

    • To ensure your safety, it is necessary to arrange for a responsible adult to accompany you to and from the Surgery Center and remain with you for 24 hours following surgery. At the center, only one visitor will be allowed per patient.
    • If your child is scheduled for surgery, a parent or legal guardian must accompany them and remain at the facility for the entire duration of the child’s stay.
    • Your surgeon will provide instructions on which medications to take and avoid before your surgery. Please follow these instructions carefully.
    • If you have a Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare, please bring a copy with you to the Surgery Center.
    • During your procedure and immediate post-operative recovery period, your Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order will be suspended as your surgery is considered an elective procedure.
    • If you experience any symptoms of a cold, flu, fever, or illness, please notify your surgeon or call the Surgery Center immediately.

The Evening Prior to Surgery:

    • It is important that you refrain from eating anything after midnight on the night before your appointment.
    • To minimize any potential risks, it is crucial that you do not smoke or consume alcohol 24 hours prior to your surgery.
    • Please avoid shaving the operative site for at least 96 hours prior to your appointment to reduce the risk of infection.

Day of Appointment

    • To prepare for your appointment, please do not eat anything after midnight. However, you may drink clear fluids up to 2 hours prior.
    • Please arrive at the Surgery Center at the time specified during your pre-admission nurse phone call.
    • On the day of your appointment, please take a shower using an antimicrobial soap to reduce the risk of infection.
    • To ensure your safety during surgery, do not wear contact lenses, makeup, nail polish, earrings, body piercings, or any other jewelry to the Surgery Center.
    • If you wear dentures, you may need to remove them before going to the operating room.
    • For your safety, your designated responsible party must stay at the facility for the entirety of your stay.

When you arrive:

    • Check in at the registration desk.
    • You will be guided to the pre-operative area.
    • A nurse from Our Care Team will check your blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature.
    • An intravenous (IV) catheter may be started, and lab samples may be collected.
    • Your anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist will discuss the anesthetic plan with you.


    • Afterwards, you will be taken to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (Recovery).
    • Nurses will closely monitor you until you are ready to be discharged.
    • Prior to leaving, a nurse will provide you and your family member with post-surgical care instructions.
    • The nurse will review these instructions with you.
    • The day after your appointment, a nurse from our center will call you to check on your recovery.